Mobile applications for meeting & events​​


Is an event mobile application (html or native) that fully integrates with Klipso features and Data. From single branded event app, to multi-event app, Mobile-spot provides clients with state of the art event app features at a controlled cost. Further more, the app provides geolocation and position sharing features and sync with event floorplans in real time.

Mobilespot is a Leni’s brand

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Works in real time
and asynchronously


Data centralized in Klipso
which leads to a better security.
GDPR management.


Live, voting, push notifications…


Identification of objectives and implementation of means
to achieve them


The satisfaction of the organizer depends on the satisfaction of exhibitors and participants

Native apps downloadable from the stores (IOs and Android) and work with or without a connection.

LIVE for your virtual and hybrid events

Engaging your remote community with interaction.​

In white label, the integration of 100 % of your design

Multi events and multilingual​


Event app

Optimize the experience of your participants and exhibitors by creating an ephemeral application of your event. Analyze the behavior of your audience and make the right decisions.

Klipso Lead mobile app

Create a more engaged experience for your audience with our mobile app solution. Networking, push notifications, personal calendar and many other features are available.

Multievent app + Kiosk

Create a permanent app for your community. Provide access to all your events with one app and showcase upcoming events. The event is a media for your community: extend it!

Partner monetization

Generate more income with Klispo Mobile by monetizing your app. Sell ad spaces or allow sponsorship for your entire application. There are several ways to get new revenue opportunities.

Optimize the experience of your attendees during your hybrid and on-site events with the interactive map. Easy to handle and equipped with vector images, it allows participants to save valuable time.


Several tools are available: lists and research for participants, exhibitors, e-poster products, program… Multi-criteria and filters search are also available.

Integration and secured APP

Klipso is an open platform with which you can connect your ecosystem. Facilitate the interaction between Klipso and third-party solutions, thanks to the integration of the API.

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